Pricing For Services:

Thankfully Local Private Chef is a premier private chef service in the Raleigh area. We specialize in providing personalized dining experiences for our clients.Chef Chuck believes in creating relationships with the people who bring us our food. Over a career span of two plus decades, he is achieving just that for his clients.

Chef Chuck uses only the freshest and highest quality local and regional  ingredients to create delicious and unique menus tailored to your preferences and dietary needs. Let us elevate your dining experience with our exceptional service. 

Ask about Tuesday and Thursday Sessions at a Discounted Rate as of Spring/Summer 2024: Commit to Four Weeks of Meals as a Trial and Recive a Fifth Week 1/2 off of Weekly Price! (Offer only Available Tues/Thurs, April-August)

Sessions: 2-2.5 Hours Minimum: All Clients Recieve Event and Catering Priority Discounts. 

All Sessions Include Weekly Menu Consultations via Text or Email for Customized Menus and All Shopping for ingredients is included in service price. Most chefs in Raleigh area charge for these but we prefer to provide this as part of your weekly services at no additional charge. The better we get to know the types of food you like, the better we can establish a long term working relationship with you and your family.

All New: Packaging of Your Services: April-August 2024: $250 All In Pricing Minimum Two Sessions Per Week

Monday-Friday Services Includes all shopping, Menu Preparation, Cooking in Home and Cleaning of Kitchen. Chef Chuck has all equipment knives and basic spices. All meals are made to order and either plated for our clients during the daily session or packaged up for reheat with instructions for reheat in oven. Clients may choose a combination of plated meals or packaged meals for each session. This rate is intended for multi day sessions during the work week. We do not provide one day meal prep due to freshness of our meals. It is recommended that new clients book at least two days per week of sessions for the freshest possible meals. The maximum meals per session is three. We do not prepare a weeks worth of meals due to freshness concerns, however two sessions per week does cover five to six meals.

Weekend Services: $275 All Inclusive 2-2.5 hour Sessions : Weekend services start on Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon. We require a Four Week commitment for weekend clients. They will receive priority for popular holiday weekend catered event, Vacation Events that require Chef Chucks Services(1/2 off), as well as Free Birthday Dinners for client and Spouse when including guests. Please see agreement for more details or reach out to us via phone, text, or email. 

In order to keep our prices lower than most competitors in the marketplace,due to increase in fuel prices, as well as credit card processing fees, we strongly urge our new clients to leave gratuity when prompted to do so by Venmo.