What Services Do You offer and in What Areas? How do I get started? 

For new clients, we offer meal preparation based on the individual needs of the client. We can package these meals for reheat or use our preferred method of plated meals. Chef Chuck works with every clients nutritional, weight loss, and family meal need for maximum nutrition. 
For other services offered, please see services offered page. Catered events in the Triangle Region should contact us below, and Chef Chuck will be in touch with  you with your preferred method to arrange a consultation. If you are interested in out of state or Rental Property Catering, please contact us via The Resort Chef, our sister company. 

To get started, contact us via the contact page below and Chef Chuck will arrange a time for an in home introduction visit and interview to make sure that he can meet or  be exceed your needs for meals during your busy work week. 



Where do you source your ingredients from? What makes you different than other Personal Chefs and Private Chefs in the area? 

Your services through Chef Chuck Hayworth are all inclusive. Other services charge clients for shopping and weekly menu consultations. All of this is included in your weekly rate. Chef Chuck only shops at local farmers markets, regional grocery stores, and those known to meet his model of local, regional, and sustainable. When ever possible we support local farms, fishermen, and small food businesses in our ingredient sourcing. 



Do you offer a trial session? What are the advantages of working with you versus other Private Chefs and Personal Chefs in our area?

We do offer a tasting of menu items when potential clients agree to a month of sessions or longer. Advantages of working with us versus our competitors include but are not limited to: Custom Menus based on your desired nutritional outcome( No all purpose weekly menus here) Fully Individualized Menus are the only option we offer. Secondly working with local, regional, and organic food providers, your families carbon footprint becomes smaller. By allowing Chef Chuck to cook with these ingredients, you need not worry about food waste from your kitchen any longer. Last but certainly not least is Chef Chucks multiple decades of experience that he brings with him every time he cooks for you. Using local and regional ingredients, he prepares meals from many types of global cuisine based on your family's desired meals. It's like having a built in restaurant chef in your home each and every week. We do recommend for freshness purposes multiple sessions during the week if possible. 



What payment Methods do you offer? Do you offer terms to clients? 

We are proudly partnered with Venmo  for payment processing. We do accept checks and offer check and cash discounts for our clients. Clients opting for credit card processing will be charged a small processing fee. This can be avoided by use of weekly gratuity to cover not only processing fees but cost of doing business such as gasoline as well as cleaning product expenses. 

Terms of payment are due on or by end of week of services. Terms of payment are offered in Net 30 after three consecutive months of services.